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What is Social Media Integration, and How Can It Help Your Business or Organization?

Different web development companies have different views on social media integration on a website.  Here at WiseWala, we take social media integration a step further than most, having your website be the hub of information for all your social media channels.

How it works:  Post to your Facebook page as you usually would for your business.  Every hour the website will go out and retrieve any new post that you have made, bring the post to the website, and create a fabulous post on your site.  Then the website will automatically take that post, and distribute to your other social media channels, and even Google Business. Bringing you more and more exposure to your site, with one simple post to your Facebook page as you usually would!

Here is an example.  Holy Rosary Flint has a website with us.  They post to Facebook about once per day or so.  Here is how the magic happens:

So, the post that goes on Facebook, like the one below:

Social Media Integration

It automatically goes to their website:

Social Media Integration

And to Google:

Social Media Integration

and to Twitter

Social Media Integration

This allows the school to reach audiences  in all different ways:  People that are looking up schools in the area with Google, people that are on Facebook as well as on Twitter, besides having the links go back to the website as well for more information.  This helps with providing the most information to a potential and also current customer as soon as you need it delivered, helping your audience grow, and helping to establish new customers too!

Contact WiseWala today for more ideas to help your business or organization grow.  We would love to help.  Tell us about your needs here.

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