Reasons Why Having a Website Is Important Nowadays

During the 30 years that the Internet has been in existence, 1.8 billion websites have already been created based on the Web Server Survey in January 2018.

Nevertheless, most of these sites have not received any traffic or have remained inactive for a long time.

Most people who are not looking for a particular website use Google, Bing and other search engines to find the topics they are searching for.

In order to drive traffic by means of these methods, they need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – due to the highly sophisticated algorithms these search engines use to rank websites based on their relevance.

Importance of SEO

A lot of big companies and organizations – or at least most of them – operate their business online.

For this reason, it is very important to have a website that ranks high on relevant search engines, and that is user-friendly as well.

In addition, since smart phones have been introduced, businesses will want their website to display well on any mobile device.

The success of a business can also be attributed to having a website in place.

Nowadays, instead of going to a physical store, people find it more convenient to search online for items they like, and look into the details so they can be sure of what to buy rather than waste time and effort going to the store.

Based on a study done by the eCommerce Foundation, about 88% of consumers will do a search before making a purchase.

A website can let its owner earn some revenue through the following options:

Affiliate earnings: as an example, when individuals conduct reviews and have an affiliate link that was clicked by a viewer who apparently buys the product, they would get a commission.

Selling products/services directly and getting payment via an online payment gateway.

Selling adverts: when a website drives a lot of traffic but it does not sell any product/service, the web owners can include relevant pop up adverts on their site. This way, they will be rewarded monetarily whenever these are clicked.

Sponsored posts: at times, when a website drives a high amount of traffic, many companies will pay to mention or sponsor them, hoping this will bring more customers to them.

Some Final Notes

It can be expensive and time-consuming for large organizations to develop and maintain their own website.

Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, technology has become more and more integrated into people’s lives, making a website more of a necessity than a luxury.

In addition, since most companies only operate online, the longevity and success of the whole business depend on the website’s design and functionality from ground up.

Aside from this, sites can experience downtime every now and then, which makes it expensive to call a technician to do the repairs needed to make it operational again, especially when this is done during the middle of the night.

Yet, looking at the bright side, it can be daytime at another part of the world, and some may want to buy what they need via a website.

Once a website is up and running, people/businesses will be able to receive income again through it.


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